energizeHER Leadership Summit

Are you a woman who's a CEO, Founder, Leader, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Coach, or on the cusp of starting and growing your business?


Tameka Chapman

4/13/20241 min read

The energizeHER Leadership Summit, hosted by founder Tameka Chapman, is designed to help women grow in their lives, businesses, and careers while stepping into their power, amplifying their voices, managing their emotional well-being, and creating impactful change.




LIVE Panels


If you're a CEO, Founder, Leader, Women Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Coach, Businesswoman, or on the cusp of starting and growing your business, YOU should be in the room!

Opportunities are everywhere, but you must be willing to take action - and it starts with taking part in events like the energizeHER Leadership Summit where you'll be equipped with the right tools, resources, and like-minded women so that you can initiate a wave of positive transformations in your community and around the world.

During the summit, you’ll be taken on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, confidence building, business success strategies, leadership success strategies, and principles. The event experience will be delivered LIVE (virtually), so you can interact with our speakers and other attendees in real-time, no matter your location. Each day will consist of keynotes, workshops, networking, live panels, laughter, and fun!